Multiform Philanthropy

Multiform is a place for Artists + Makers to showcase their work and create a better world. A portion of each sale is donated to one of the many non-profits we support. 

You vote with every dollar you spend. 

We believe that together we can effect expansive change in the world. 

Our positive impact grows with every purchase you make. Thank you! 

Here are a few of the organizations we donate to:

- We donate regularly to Amazon Frontlines, a non-profit organization building power with Indigenous peoples to defend their way of life, the Amazon rainforest, and our climate future.

MECA: Middle East Children's Alliance Logo

- We support MECA : The Middle East Children's Alliance, A longstanding Berkeley-based non-profit focused on providing direct aid to Palestinians. They have staff and partners on the ground in Gaza administering clean water, food, assistance, and support. These folks have been supporting the rights and wellbeing of Palestinian children since 1988. 

Kiva Logo

- We allocate a portion of profits for micro-lending to small businesses in developing countries via KIVA.

Planned Parenthood Logo

- Our bodies. Our choice. Always.



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Dyed using all natural ingredients: organic indigo, organic henna, slaked lime, fructose, and water.

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